Re: The Masculine Name "Eira" #general

Sally Bruckheimer <sallybru@...>

Using death certificates in the US can be tricky. You only have
someone's word on the name of an parent of the deceased. When that
parent was never in the US, even a spouse might not know the names in a
time of grief. Often the source of information was a grandchild or
other relative who never knew the parent and possibly didn't know the
name of the parent. Also, people often gave 'Americanizations' of the

Specifically, I once got the death certificates of my
great-grandfather's brothers and sisters (about a half-dozen that I knew
of) for a 'vote' on the name of their father. I had his name as Sholom
but someone had a translation of a tombstone inscription and said it was
Ephraim (it turned out to be Sholom ben Ephraim). Sholom's wife was
listed as Ida, Helen, Birdie, and unknown-her name was Zepora so Birdie
was the best since the meaning was there.

Sally Bruckheimer
Buffalo, NY

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