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Alexander Sharon <a.sharon@...>


Significance of the praying hands on the tombstones has been discussed
several times on this Forum. Please refer to JG discussion Group archives.

West Prussian towns that you are referring in your letter have been
located within post W.W.II Poland borders
Gratz is known as Grodzisk Wielkoposki at 5214 1622,
Schroda is known as S'roda Wielkopolska at 5214 1717

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB.

Hello all.. I just received a photograph of my GGGrandparents headstones.
I was surprised to read something I hadn't known before. MyGGGrandfather
Nathan Mendel was born in Schroda, Prussia June 19, 1828. On the stone
there are hands making the "Nanoo-Nanoo" sign ...>from Mork and Mindy!
That's the only way to describe it! It also says "Maimonides Lodge
No8010PSI? Or something like that. What is this? My GGGrandmother's
stone- Rosalie Mendel says born in Craetz or Oraetz Prussia Sept 11,
Can anyone help me with these places or the significance of the hands?

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