"pieplate" style photographs #general

Toby Brief

Can anyone tell me the name of the style and the span of time during which
"pieplate" photographs were produced? Also, were these type of photos done
in Eastern Europe (Ukraine or Poland)as well as in the US? The photos are
sepia toned and mounted on a convex metal plate. They are round although I
have seen one that is oblong. They are formally posed.

Toby Brief, Campton, New Hampshire

Olyka: Horwitz, Finklestein, Mathless, Erga, Gingburg, Gorbaty
Horchiv(Gorokhov): Auerbach (Averbuch), Reicher, Rabinowitz
Rozhishche: Auerbach, Goldweber
Torcin: Bronstein, Weisberg
Volodymyr, Zaslav, Mechli: Brief, Burack

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