Masche Thanks you #general

A. E. Jordan

Many thanks for everyone who took time to write back about my note on the
name Masche. Sorry if I did not get back to you personally -- I got a lot
of emails.

The consensus was that Masche = Masha and was a female name, although many
peoplesaid she was named for a man.

I got the passenger list in question today and yes it was a woman and I am
fairly sure she is a family member. According to legend she was smuggled
out of Courland in 1891 in the back of a hay wagon! No one seems to know
why. She seemsto have sailed alone arriving in New York in October 1891.
Her father and brother was already here but her mother was still in

By the way I found her on the online Hamburg passenger index. The index
makes it real simple. I wrote down the ship name and her passenger number,
got the date of arrival in New York >from the online version of Morton Allen
and then it was simple. The passenger number online in the Hamburg index
directly corresponded to the original microfilm of the NY arrival passenger
list -- I found Masche in a matter of minutes!

Thanks to all and good luck with your research.

Allan Jordan

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