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Juergen Stockburger <Stockburger@...>

Christel Monsanto <monsanto@...> writes:

> After WWII every
> "Bundesland" in Germany had a Kultusministerium and a
> Kultusminister, they are also responsible for the education in the
> different states and other cultural affairs. The word "Kultus" is
> therefore now not defined to religious matters alone. Might have
> been in the 1930s? Christel Monsanto, monsanto@...

At the risk of straying further off topic... a "Kultusminister" is
simply a state secretary of cultural affairs. Cultural Affairs,
including schools and institutions of higher education are in the
domain of state government in the German federal political system. The
only tangible reference to religion in this arrangement lies in the
fact that religious instruction (usually with an academic rather than
dogmatic leaning) is provided to students who are members of the two
major denominations (Catholic and mainline Protestant). That's a
holdover >from a somewhat half-hearted attempt to abolish state
churches (around 1918, I believe).

Juergen Stockburger, Freiburg, Germany


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