AOL Users Please Note #general

Mark Halpern <Willie46@...>

If you are an AOL user like me and receive messages in the digest mode,
you may have missed some digests in recent weeks. I really don't know the
problem, but it is likely an issue on the AOL side that they will not fix.

In case you do not receive the digest, you can request that the digest be
E-mailed to you. You should **not** complain or send any messages to

Send a message to:

Leave the subject line blank. Or enter a period (.) if a subject line is
required. And write the message:

get jewishgen yyyymmdd (for example 20001204 for yesterday's digest)

The digest for December 4, 2000 will be emailed to you. This is the digest
you would have received on December 5.

Hope this helps.

Mark Halpern
West Conshohocken, PA

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