Posting Handwritten documents for translation on the Web #general

David Goldman <davic@...>

Please forgive me for sounding repetitive, fellow Jewishgenners. However,
after examining a number of handwritten documents posted on the Web,
including on ViewMate (an outstanding service on Jewishgen, by the way), I
want to make a plea for people to be exceedingly careful, since not all
such postings of scans turn out clearly; they run the risk of errors in

Our enterprise in reconstructing our ancestral past is too precious to
allow that to happen. I think my fellow translators can agree that there
can be enough problems deciphering handwritten documents even in hard copy!

So when translations are made of scanned handwritten documents, you should
be alert to possible inadvertent errors due merely to lack of clarity of
the scanned file.

Just my two cents.

David Goldman

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