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Sally Bruckheimer <sallybru@...>

David Frey wrote:
"I'm trying to understand the reason for the pursuit we are all engaged
in many with a great deal of fervor"

Personally, I am not trying to change anything-obviously we cannot
change the past. Not much will change in the present (aside >from some

What genealogy gives me, and what I would like more of, is an
understanding of what the world was like, specifically for my ancestors.
I always hated history because it was taught: who were the 2
candidates for the election of 1848 and what were the 3 main issues
(like I really care). I never had any feeling for what life was like or
what reality was like or that it 'meant' anything to me.

When I first started working, I wanted to get my Grandmother's death
certificate. I knew she died in 1939, and I thought that I needed to
know what day; so I looked through the newspapers on microfilm. I was
stunned. Hitler invaded here, Hitler invaded there! Of course, I knew
that >from history class, and >from being told as a child; I know many of
our Jewishgen families were there in Europe, and suffered terribly.
But it meant something different to me because my family was doing
things at the time-some that I have found were in Europe then.

I have found out that my 8th great grandfather was a Dominican,
confessor to the Infanta Maria who was later Empress of Austria. The
same Empress of Austria who may have thrown the other side of my family
out of Vienna. I can even figure out that what went on in Spain
affected something in Austria.

To say nothing of maps: the Bruckheimers were >from a unique place which
was not Baden, but it is today. They lived in an area ruled by the
Elector of the Main-all that Holy Roman Empire stuff suddenly has
something to do with my family. It was not Germany until 1871.

I hope that I am expressing the changes I have felt in myself and how I
see the events of the past-I was really amazed at the beginning.

Sally Bruckheimer
Buffalo, NY

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