Finland emigration? #general

Seesiegel <seesiegel@...>

Thankyou to the person who listed the Finland web site and ship listing. I
found a name just like my grandfather's (Leib Rottenberg) on the list.
But, since I had "heard" he came >from Odessa, Russia, I am curious if this
could even be him and if so, why would he have left via Finland in perhaps
1905? Was there a route of immigration north >from Odessa up to finland?
Did Finland assist Russian men escaping the army? The only reason I
entertain the idea at all is because apparently he is listed as leaving
from England on the same passenger info for Finland And ---one brother, it
is told, remained in Scotland for a while and developed a bit of an accent
and the ship "Urania" did stop in Scotland.
So.....what's the story---why would a russian jew leave through Finland?
you may email privately, but I think this is good info to share.
carolyn r. siegel

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