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Lifshitz-Krams Anne

This polemic is probably of no interest for most of the Jewishgenners and I
am sorry if I must give this precision again :
In the National Library as well as in the Administrative Library (Hotel de
Ville) they possess a collection of telephon books, white and yellow pages.
Anne Lifshitz-Krams
Cercle de Genealogie juive, Paris, France

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Jean Bousse asked me :
I would be interested to know more about the collection at the Hotel de
Ville de Paris, as mentioned by Micheline Gutmann. Are they as complete,
in paper or also on microfilm? I hope Micheline could enlighten me and
the List. Thanks.<

As for me, I answered only about old directories included 1930 and after.

If we are in Paris, the collection of the Hotel de ville is probably the
same one, much easier to look at, than the microfilms at the Bibliotheque
Nationale de France at Tolbiac.
As I don't go to the BN because it is difficult of access (even when it is
opened and when there are no strikes of all kinds), I don't know is
everything has been microfilmed.
A collection of those microfilms also exists at the Archives of Paris, 18,
Boulevard Serrurier, perhaps not complete.
It is important to precise again that this is not a collection of ordinary
telephone books but commercial ones called "Almanach du Commerce et de

Micheline GUTMANN, GenAmi, Paris

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