Re: Russian/Ucrainian words? #general

Joe Armata <armata+@...>

My guess is "vidomostia" is a misreading of "vedomost'" with some case
ending, maybe the plural (vedomosti), as -ia is an incorrect ending for
nouns in "-ost'". Handwritten Cyrillic can be very hard to read, and the
first vowel might actually have been a letter called jat' in the old
orthography (today it's replaced by an e), which can look like an i if
it's written fast. Vedomost' means a register or a list, which seems to
fit the context. In the plural it can also mean a newspaper.

Hope this helps!

Joe Armata

For exemple:
1. Vidomostia Jidovilor.
"Jidovilor" = of the Jews
But what is "Vidomostia"

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