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Judith Romney Wegner

What kind of name is Leyb and how it relates to Yehuda? Is Leyb and
Lob the same name, just different spellings?
Many thanks
Tom Venetianer <>

Yes, this matter has been discussed more than once before on this list (see

Leyb, Leib, Loeb, Lev, are all variant spellings of the the German/Yiddish
word Loewe meaning Lion.
Men with the name Judah are often called Yehudah Aryeh or Yehudah Lev --
aryeh is Hebrew for lion and Lev, Leib, etc. is Yiddish for lion. The
surnames Loewe, Lowy, etc. are also variants.

The connection between the lion and Yehuda is that the lion is the symbol
of the tribe of Judah. (It is general knowledge -- at least to my
generation and earlier -- that the late Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie
and his predecessors for 2,000 years were called inter alia "The Lion of
Judah" because of the tradition that he was descended >from the Queen of
Sheba's visit to King Solomon in I Kings 10!)

The reason the lion became the symbol for Judah is a verse in the Torah
(Gen: 49:9) which is part of the blessing Jacob gives his sons on his death
bed. Concerning his fourth son Judah Gen 49:9 says <gur aryeh Yehudah>
meaning "Judah is a lion's cub." Judah ends up being the most important
of Jacob's sons because the Davidic dynasty (Beth-David) was descended from
Judah according to the biblical genealogy. (>from the viewpoint of modern
scholarship, the biblical blessing was written with hindsight centuries,
during the Davidic dynasty.)

Judith Romney Wegner

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