child traveling alone #general

Lilli Sprintz <spri0037@...>

Mimi Katz talked about her relative, a young boy traveling alone on a ship.

Yes, my maternal grandmother, Bubbie Mollie, came to the U.S. at age 17.
She traveled alone on a ship >from Bremen, to the U.S. Looks like it took
several weeks. She was going to catch up with her father, who had come
earlier to check out the territory, I assume, and when he gave the
all-clear sign (and probably sent them money as well), she was the next one
to come. Don't know why she traveled alone, except perhaps for the issue
of money to travel. Her mother and rest of her siblings came later...I
believe after WWI ended. I've always been amazed how my grandmother did
that, the traveling alone...I've heard, through another friend who has done
research, that sometimes children, and sometimes females, were molested on
ships. How did she protect herself?

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