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Alexander Sharon <a.sharon@...>


Just a word of clarification regarding 1891 Galicia Business Directory.
Where in this directory for town Ulanow "occupation" column indicates "Wood
Dealers" this refers to a singular 'wood dealer', not a company.

This Business Directory same as a modern "Yellow Pages" or any other
directory, lists people surnames under the "occupation" headings, e.g..
"medical doctors", "midwives", "haberdashers", "wood dealers", and so on,
in a plural form. It does not indicate that Mr. Josef Karpf of Ulanow run
a company (registered or not) dealing with the wood products, by merely
states his occupation. He had probably a one horse outfit which has been
selling a chopped wood as a fuel to the local dwellers.

If your ggfather was a forester, engaged in a very respectful profession,
he was most probably employed by the landowners in Ulanow vicinity or by
the Austrian Government supervising the crown lands properties. Polish
count Wlodzimierz Czartoryjski was an owner of the majority of the forests
(Las Glinianka) and other lands in this region. If some did employ your ggf
as a forester, it was most probably the Count.

Good luck with your search

Alexander Sharon

"dorothy rivers" wrote:

I have an 1891 Business Directory with three wood dealers listed. I would
like to know if there is a way of learning the names of men employed by
these companies.My great-grandfather was a forester and was killed on the
job in 1894.

His name was Simon BERGSTEIN and he left a widow and seven children.
Any help I can get would be most appreciated.

Dorothy Auerbach Rivers
Silver City NM

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