Foreign Characters in Windows - Summary #general

Gary Luke <feraltek@...>

In a message dated 12/6/00 writes:
Is there a site with instructions and/or hot keys for typing European
characters in Windows programmes - particularly Czech, Hungarian,
Polish & German.
Thank you to all who replied.

Summary of a few methods.

(1) Windows95/98 has Multilanguage support that you have to install via
Add/Remove Programs on the Control Panel window. Read the Help file
carefully about the various ways to switch between languages. Characters
with diacritical marks are mainly tied to punctuation keys, in some
languages they're on the number keys. Some of the other letter and
punctuation keys will change position.

(2) In Word and some other programs, under the Insert menu, select Symbols
and hunt around the various character sets. Select the letter >from the chart.

(3) Alt key plus three number codes. In German - Alt.132= a/umlaut,
148=o/umlaut, 129=u/umlaut. Win.3x used a four digit code that still works
with Win.98 - eg. Alt.0163= English pound sign. Someone sent me a list of
French, German and Spanish special characters. (Thanks David S.) Please ask
if you want a copy.

(4) Somewhere in the Win.98 Help screens is a set of complex key codes
under the title "Type International Characters". Eg - CTL+SHIFT+COLON+ "a"
-> a/umlaut. Similar for o & u /umlaut. (Sorry, can't find the instructions
a second time.)

(5) The Hebrew word processing program called Dagesh has a collection of
characters >from all European countries.


Gary Luke
Sydney, Australia

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