Re: Nazi era stamp on Austrian marriage #general


Sally Bruckheimer wrote:

The information stamped on Nazi German "Empire" certificates is a notice
that all Jewish men are named Israel and women are named Sara-it
officially takes away the first names which the people were actually
This is a common misconception, but is not strictly true. The name "Israel"
or "Sara" was given as an "additional" name, and Nazi-era documents dated
after the addition of the name generally include both the original and the
added name, e.g., "Alfred Israel Cohn". I have seen notations of the name
addition on many birth certificates, and in one or two cases the notation
specified the position of the added name, whether as first or second name.
Apparently the order could be and sometimes was interpreted in such a way as
to allow this choice.

These notations are useful for genealogy in that they establish the presence
of the individual, alive and in Germany, on the date of the notation, as the
person had to appear at the original registry office in person to carry out
the order.

The added names were removed upon order of the occupation authorities, and
in some cases the birth record includes a formal notation of the removal.
Unfortunately, these notations, which I have seen dated as late as 1960,
have no genealogical significance at all, as I have seen them on records of
people I know >from family members to have perished.

Dick Plotz
Providence RI USA

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