MENDEL(S)SOHN's who lived in Warszawa in 1870 #general

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I recently learned (thanks to Hadassah Lipsius!!!) that:
"The 1870 Warszawa Business Directory shows many MENDELSOHN's including the
following given names:

Ber, Berek, Dawid, Eljasz, Emanuel, Gerszon, Hersz, Jakier, Jankiel,
Lejzer, Majer, Mendel, Moszek, Wolf and Perla."

Emanuel Mendelsohn was my gggrandfather (born aroud 1820,corntraider,married
to Paulina Szulcman,7 children) and other Mendelsohn's >from this list may
have been relatives: that's why any information on them would be very
According to JRI-Poland's datas:
-Jakier would be born in 1828 and had married Mindla Finkelszteijn;
-Wolf would be born in 1822.
Maybe brothers or cousins???
Thanks in advance for any help concerning these given names!
Florence Mendelssohn,Paris (France)

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