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Shalom, Udi.
You ask:
Subject: Smalian / Smalyan? Rabbi Yoel of Smalian

In letters >from 1778 until 1817 (all in Hebrew), I have the place name
In Hebrew, the name of the shtet'l is: Samech Mem Lammed Yud Yud Allef Nun.
Shtet'l seeker brings me to Orsha gubernia, and the only place near Orsha
(between Mogilev & Vitebsk), that looks right, is Smolensk. Is it the same
as Smalian?
Rabbi Yoel Ben Moshe, came to Smalian >from Shklov.
Best regards >from Jerusalem. Udi Cain (Chaikin).
There is on the map one better place than Smolensk.
Find on the map the town Orsha (exactly halfway between Mogilev and
Vitebsk). 22 km NW to Orsha you can see the smaller place named Smol'yany. I
think that is what you are looking for.
Shklov, Rabbi Yoel ben Moshe came from, stands S to Orsha, halfway (40 km)
to Mogilev.
Smolensk is in another country (Russia, not Belarus) and is far away from
this region.
Good luck!
Dr. Josef ASH

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