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Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Sandra Hirschhorn wrote: <I have learned >from two sources (oral
history) that my great-grandfather Schmuel BRUMER was born in Vienna
and attended medical school there. Also, Dr. BRUMER was "eye doctor
to the Tsar" and my family was permitted to live in Moscow as a
result of this. My Mom did live in Moscow with her family in the
1900's. This information was also confirmed by two groups of my

Is there a list of medical students in Vienna during the 1800's
available anywhere? I would like to confirm this information.

Also as a new member of this group, it would help if I could
determine where to write for a birth certificate if such was
available in the 1850's-1860's.>

Firstly, let me welcome Sandra to our SIG - she is a new member.

re point 1: is there a list of medical students in the 1880s?
I am not really sure, but the University of Vienna has an excellent
historical archive and there I extracted data on a first cousin of my
grandmother, Dr Victor BUNZL.

I wrote to: Archiv der Universitat Wien, Postgasse 9, Vienna 1010

If Dr BRUMER wrote a thesis, you might be able to purchase a copy

re Victor BUNZL - the data gave me his exact place [Pressburg] and
date of birth [17 Nov 1880] the name of his father [Moritz], the
degree he obtained [Medical] and when he enrolled plus other
Victor tragically died in Przemysl [Galicia] on 28 March 1916, where
he was a doctor in the besieged garrison town. I even have a
photograph of him administering to his patients in the ward. His
widow - also a first cousin of my grandmother, died in 1983, only a
few miles >from where I am sitting now! She was widowed for nearly 70
years - a most wonderful person who knew most members of the large
family personally and had a fabulous memory for family data!

Point 2: Yes if Schmuel BRUMER was born in Vienna his birth will be
registered at the IKG, Vienna and that is where you should write: IKG
Seitenstettengasse 4, Vienna 1010

For all new Austria-Czech Siggers please see our website:
Beginner's Guide to Austrian Jewish Genealogy, by E Randol

I. Jewish Birth Death and Marriage Records

As Fr. Weiss has retired, I have sent Sandra the new email address
privately - it is not yet on our website.

As a further point - as Schmuel BRUMER's family was apparently
already in Vienna pre-1900, the Kartei der Fremden in the Wiener
Stadt und Landesarchiv should have more details on this family. See
PT IV in the Guide:

IV. Fremdenkartei

The Wiener Stadt- und Landesarchiv has records of all immigrants to
Vienna between 1870 and 1880. The forms are arranged alphabetically.
The entries contain names of all members of the family and their
exact date of birth, place of origin, occupation, religion, and
address in Vienna.

Finally, I am a bit puzzled as I can find no BRUMER burials in the
Zentralfriedhof or Wahring. There are a few BRUMMER but they are much

Celia Male [U.K]

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