VM 156 Paragraph from Radomsko Yizkor Book #general

Larry Freund and Gloria Berkenstat Freund <glory1@...>

I am currently translating the Yiddish sections of the Radomsko Yizkor Book
(portions have begun to appear on the JewishGen Yizkor Book site). I have
been having difficulty with the translation of a Yiddish/Hebrew paragraph in
the chapter dealing with the city's early rabbis and the Radomsker Rabbinic
Dynasty. I can understand the gist of the paragraph, but could use some
translation help.

I am hoping that someone who can read both Yiddish and Hebrew will be able
to assist me with the paragraph. The paragraph can be seen at the View Mate
link at the JewishGen website. The paragraph is listed as VM156.

My appreciation and thanks.

Gloria Berkenstat Freund
New York, NY

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