Re: Origins of names: Shraja and HORN (HERSHORN) #general

Judith Romney Wegner

Naidia Woolf asked:
The inscription on my father's headstone shows my paternal grandfather
Simon Woolf (nee Simon Wolf Kyjawski)'s first name as Shraja. I'm
interested in knowing whether Shraja is a Yiddish variant of Elijah,
Isaiah (Isaac), or Israel.
**Possibly Shraja is a corruption of Shaja -- which is indeed a "Yiddish
variant of Isaiah" (which is Ye-shaya-hu in Hebrew).

You also asked:
I'd like to know whether the last name of HORN could be an English
variant/angelized version of HERSHORN.
**More than likely! Jews immigrating to England changed their surnames
far more often than Jews immigrating to USA -- a country of immigrants that
to this day is still full of foreign-sounding names of assorted ethnic
origins. In England, lopping off part of the name to attain something
more English-sounding was a common way of doing it. Another common
expedient was to modify it to a "sound-alike" English name; e.g. my
father's family shortened >from Romyanek to Romney. In England, Romney is
a place name associated with the aristocracy -- there was an Earl of Romney
at some point, I think -- but Americans often assume I have Mormon

BTW, Your use of "angelized" for "anglicized" made me feel a lot better
about my family's name change! It reminded me of the famous story about
Pope Gregory VII (I think it was), who on seeing beautiful blond blue-eyed
children for sale in the slave market at Rome asked where they came >from --
and on being told that they were "Angli" he is said to have replied "Non
Angli, sed angeli!":

Judith Romney Wegner

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