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What kind of name is Leyb and how it relates to Yehuda? Is Leyb and
Lob the same name, just different spellings?
Leib is a yiddish name meaning "lion".

Arieh is the Hebrew name meaning "lion".

Yehudah (Judah) is the progenitor of the Tribe of Judah, whose symbol is
the lion, the "Lion of Judah".

In naming, these three names very often appear together.

Often the Hebrew and Yiddish forms of the animal appear as pairs, e.g.
Arieh-Leib, Hirsh-Tzvi, Dov-Ber.

And the tribal symbol appears together with the name, e.g. Yehudah-Leib,

Robert Weiss in Northridge, CA

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