Word on Lithuanian Stone #general

Sherribob <sherribob@...>

good evening 'Genners,

On my gggf's stone in Ariogala, Lithuania is a word we have been unable to
translate. "Tashash is the word (might be Ashash or Tasash). Following
is the inscription (or as much as can be read):

"ON (next word(s) illegible) "
a drawing of a pitcher denoting a Levite
"Tashash his purpose (next word illegible) and fell (next word illegible) head"
"On the day of his death (next word illegible"
"R(eb) Yosef son of R(eb) Menachem Abel HaLevi Ritavsky"
"On the 5th Thursday, the 12 of the month of Nissan in the year Tav Resh
Sammach Vav"

I would appreciate hearing any comments on the word "Tasash", or any expert
ideas on what the line containing that word might mean.

Thanks in advance,

Sherri Bobish
RATOWSKY, Ariogala, Lithuania
WALTZMAN, Ustrzyki Dolne (Istryker), Galica
BOJDA, Tarnobrzeg, Galicia
LEFFENFELD, Daliowa, Galicia
SAKOLSKY, Bialystok (Grodek)

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