Death and Cemetery Brickwall in London? UK #general


My great great grandmother died while visiting her daughter in London.
In a tape recorded interview with my grandmother (1964) I was told that
she was buried in London in the family plot of her daughter, Caroline
(Lena) Straus Oppenheimer in 1866.

The 1866 date is not correct. My grandmother misspoke there and the
date of death and burial is probably 1876, 86 or 96.

A daughter of Lena Straus Oppenheimer is still living. She has told me
that her family burial plot is not in London but in Stoke Poges and that
does not contain the grave I am seeking.

She thought that the cemetery might have been called Goldner's Green
in London.

So I am seeking a death record and burial site for a person whose date of
death is not known.

The name is Rosa aka Caroline Straus (nee Goetz) b. October, 1820 in
Hochspeyer, RheinPfalz, Bavaria. She was a German or Bavarian citizen
visiting London when she died.

I'll be in London for the Conference this summer and would like to try to
find a death record and grave for my GG Grandmother.

Can anyone help me decide where to start? Is there any special register
of non-resident alien deaths in the UK?

Are London deaths during the years 1876-1900 recorded in a way that would
allow an efficient search for a death on an unknown date?

Is anyone familiar with a cemetery called Goldner's Green and might there
be a register of burials there?

This is a problem I don't know how to solve and any informed suggestions
would be most appreciated.

John Paul Lowens New York JPL25@...

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