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Ofer <oferco@...>

Ms. Paikin,
Could you please advise what is the typical time between the submittance of
an article until it is published and what is the process it is passing? My
previous article publication was delayed for almost three months, and my new
article and the update of my previous one were submitted by mid November,
and were not published as yet.

Ofer Cohen

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Elsebeth Paikin wrote:

from time to time I get e-mails with requests for listing the
names they are researching in the "Surname list" on the index
page of the Belarus Online Newsletter.

However, the surname list is only an index to the articles --
if you click on a surname, you will be taken to the article
where the surname appears. So the only way to get the surnames
you are researching on the Belarus Online Newsletter is to write
an article of some kind -- and articles are more than welcome!!

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