researching SAFRONSKY, NOVOSELLER #general

James H Gross <larklane@...>

I am researching the following family.
I have limited info on it at this time.
James Gross

Grossman tree:

[#1 wife] Ida (Safronski) m. William GROSSMAN
Ida died,year unknown, maiden name (?) BADNER or SCHWARTZWALD

[#2 wife] Jeanette (Weiner) m. {#1 husband} William Grossman
William Grossman died 4/4/70,
buried Roosevelt Memorial Park,Pa

A. Abraham Grossman
died 3/11/23
B. Dorothy (Grossman) m. Mr Black
C. Sylvia (Grossman) m. Mr Greenwald

Jeanette (Weiner) m. {#2 husband} Rabbi Sherman NOVOSELLER
Jeanette died 1/82 or 2/82

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