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Elsebeth Paikin

At 11:25 23-12-00 +0200, Ofer Cohen wrote:
Could you please advise what is the typical time between the
submittance of an article until it is published and what is
the process it is passing? My previous article publication was
delayed for almost three months, and my new article and the
update of my previous one were submitted by mid November,
and were not published as yet.
I regret to say that there is no "typical time between the submittance
of an article until it is published". (The article by Avram Chani which
was published a few days ago has been one year under way! That was
partly due to difficulties in finding and getting permissions >from the

I do my best to publish as soon as possible, but it depends on all my
other duties, "real" job, health, computer problems etc. Please remember
that everything on JewishGen - and Belarus SIG also - is based on
volunteer work.

These past six months have been absolutely terrible filled with all sorts
of problems as well as illness - therefore there has been no new articles
between October 6 and yesterday. I have been "the one and only" working
on the Belarus Newsletter since Brian Poliakoff had to quit mid-1999.
So please bear over with me.
(Maybe it'll help to hear that much to my regret I have not had time
for my own research the past 1-2 years!?)

As for the "the process": That also depends ....
Some artciles have already been published elsewhere, and if I receive
them with a permission to republish them, they can almost instantly go

Other articles have to be edited and proof-read (as English is not my
mother tongue) and the time it will take depends my time and the time of
the proof-reader (other work, illness, vacations, etc.)

Other articles again needs permissions/donor agreements >from several people and that can take some time.

So all I can say is that I am sorry when articles are delayed for some
reason. I do my best -- and so does the proof-reader.

Now to the good news:

I am very grateful and happy to announce that Jack Blagman has just
volunteered to join me as editor of the newsletter, so now things
will hopefully improve.

I want to extend a warm welcome to Jack >from the Belarus SIG and the
editorial board.

Best wishes for a happy chanukah and new year to all Belarus SIG'ers.

And thank you to all who send in articles, photos etc.

Elsebeth Paikin, Editor
Belarus SIG Online Newsletter

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