Re: Common Thread Between These Yeshivahs? #general

Martin Green <btestware@...>

My husband's ggf left a will in the Bronx in 1936. In it he left money
to 7 different insititutions, some in NY, Poland, Lithuania, and
Jerusalem. Six of the seven are Yeshivahs, the 7th appears to be a
shul in the Bronx.

Does anyone see a common thread amongst these Yeshivahs that would
explain why he chose these particular insitutions to donate his money as
opposed to so many others in NY or the rest of the world? None of them
is located in the place he emigrated from.

In his will he gives no clue as to the reasoning behind these donation
decisions. The names follow:

Yeshivah Rabbi Isaac Elchanan, New York
Eitz Chaim Yeshivah, Jerusalem
Yeshivah Chaifets Chaim, Radun, Poland
Lomza Yeshivah, Lomza, Poland
Slobodka Yeshivah, Slobodka, Lithuania
Velozin Yeshivah, Wolozyn, Poland (today Belarus)

I cannot give you a theory as to what the connection is, but
I have information on two of these yeshivas on my website.
The Slobodka Yeshiva is discussed at:

and the Volozhin Yeshiva at

I might add that the Slobodaka yeshiva was actually
a complex of three yeshivas, one of which was named
after its founder, Rabbi Isaac Elchanan...the same as
the New York City yeshiva on your list.

Martin Green

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