Re: Female name Dobrisch #general

Prof. G. L. Esterson <jerry@...>

Merav and Mario Schejtman of Israel wrote as follows:
"We have always thought that Dobrisch was a masculine name from
Dov. But now we found a female who's name is Dobrisch. The only
name we can think of as it's origin, is Devora. (This woman is
from the Ukraine.) Can anyone confirm or refute this?"
The Jewish name Dobrish is not linked to Dvora, but rather to the
Hebrew name Tova, for which it is a kinui. The name is a Slavic calque
from the names Guta and Bunya. For women who lived in Lithuania, a
number of similar names exist:

Dabra, Dobra, Doba, Dobrusya, Dabrush, Dabrusha, Davrish, Dabrushya,
Dobrus, Dobruska, Dobrushka, and Dovrush.

Similar names (albeit with different pronunciations) existed in Ukraine.

Prof. G. L. Esterson, Ra'anana, Israel

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