Re: 1871 Census in England #general

Harry Dodsworth <af877@...>

The 1881 census is the most commonly used one for Britain; mainly
because it has been fully transcribed and indexed; a joint project of
the Government, LDS Church and Family History Societies, I think.
This is now available on microfiche and CDs.

The next most common is the 1851 census. This is generally only
available on microfilm. Many areas have now been indexed by local
groups; I know Bethnal Green has. Three counties only are on CD;
this was a test run for the 1881 project. This was the first census
to record place of birth.

The 1891 census is available on microfiche (Ottawa LDS has a set).
It is not indexed and finding anyone is difficult if you know their
address and almost impossible if you don't :-)

The 1841 was the first full census. It is of interest being older
but most people prefer the extra information of the 1851 census.

1861 and 1871 are available on microfilm but seem to be rarely used.

By Britain, I mean England, Wales and Scotland; Ireland is different.

Harry Dodsworth Ottawa Ontario Canada

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