Re: Greeen Castle website #belarus

Adam Katzeff <adam.katzeff@...>

Hi all,

Miriam Margolyes wrote:

I tried to email these people, who offer a most
interesting opportunity, with excellent databases as
Adam K. recently stated. But the email was returned.
On their site there is also an option to contact them under the heading
"Consultation". Just fill in the form and send it away to Green Castle and
lets hope they will answer you. I have just filled in two forms and sent
away. As it doesn't seem like any Belarus SIG members have used the services
of Green Castle, I will have to try to find out about it myself. Anyway,
their so called "Databases" are filled with interesting information on Jews
living in the Vitebsk guberniya, so they can't be that bad!

Best regards

Adam Katzeff
Malmoe, Sweden


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