Re: Greeen Castle website #belarus

Judy Petersen

I checked the Green Castle website based on your prior posting. I found
the consultation heading and submited my USVYATSKY information with guberniya
(Mogilev) and uyzed (Goretsk/Gorky). I got a very nice e-mail back within a
few days >from an Alex Marko stating that documents "interesting to me" could
be found in the National historical archive in Minsk, and the listed the
address (str. Krapotkina, 55 Minsk 220002). Alex then stated their agency
could also carry out research for me but would need the exact name of the
city or village. Rates were not discussed. I wrote back to decline the
offer since at this point I don't know the exact city/town. But I sure would
be interested to know what happens if someone pursues this further.


Judy Petersen
Ft. Collins, CO

Researching: USVYAT and any and all variations--USVYATSKY, USVYATY,
USVYATOV, USVYATSEV, SVIATSKY; Mogilev/Vitebsk guberniyas

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