Re: Given name Koona? #general

Edward Andelman <andelman@...>

In my family, the names Chuna/Elchuna/Juda (1800s--gg/uncles/cousins and
Elka my gg/mother are frequently given on the maternal side. Julius
seems to have been used in the 1900s relating back to those ancestors
and I was named Eleanore.

As has been expressed before, anglicized names weren't necessarily exact
adaptations. Sometimes the first letter or even "sound" of a Yiddish
name was used. And then again the only reference to the relative being
remembered is the given Yiddish name; there isn't any set rule.

E. Jeanne Blitzer Andelman
Mielnitza/Mielnica, Galicia, Austria, now Mel'nitza
Tarnapol/Ternopil--FLEISCHMAN, REITER
Kudrynce, Bukovina, Austria, now Kudrintsy, Ukraine--REINSTEIN,

ADAVIS wrote:

recently discovered ketubah for my great grandmother Clara Rachlin
lists her as Koona Sipora bas Moshe (kaf vav nun heh, samech peh resh ?).
Zipora I get, but Koona? Maybe I'm not pronouncing it right. I always
associated Clara with Gitl or Gute... Thoughts?

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