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Ada Holtzman <ada01@...>

(1) I am very pleased to invite you to the the next Polish SIG meeting

Date: 1/1/2001
Place: Beth Hatanach, 16 Rotschild Blvd., Tel Aviv, Israel.
Time: 19:00.
Lecture: "Research of the Massacre at Krasnosielc and Provision
of a Memorial to the Victims"
Lecturer: David Shachar
Admission: Members free; Visitors 15 NIS
More information at my web site:


"Brit Avoda- Moadon Ha'Bund" - the Bund Club" have cultural meeting
centered on Yiddish every 2 weeks.
You are invited to their next meeting, on Wednesday, Chanuka day
6, 27th December, at 11:30 at the Bund Club on Kalisher St 48, Tel Aviv.

The place belongs to other times... - thousands of books in Yiddish,
encyclopedias, lexicons and old people who strives to preserve
the Yiddish culture and language. The pucblic sits around tables
covered with herring, vodka, bread and sausages...

This week's meeting is dedicated to the last Yiddish Conference which
took place in Strasburg. The lucturer (in Yiddish) will be
Mr. Itzhak Luden, editor of the Yiddish newspaper opublished every
two months in Israel: "Leyben Fragen" (questions of life).

Please email me if you wish to attend as need to inform the genreal
secretary who organize this how many guest to expect. Thank you. Please
note that may be modest admission fees will be required.

(3) Among the next planned meetings in year 2001 (neither lecture and
date are confirmed in this stage).

* Mr. Moshe Verbin: Wooden syangogues of Poland.
See URL:

* Dr. Yehuda Meltzer: The political movements of Polish jewry between
the two World Wars.

* Mr. Yehuda Widawski: Lodz Jewish cemetery.

* Daniel Wagner, Mr. Jean-Pierre Stroweis and Ada Holtzman:
Genealogical session and how to find your roots through the Mormons
microfilms and Polish State Archive records and registry books.

* Mr. Abraham Zelig: Lodz Landsmanschaften in israel, projects and
prospects for the future.

* Mr. Isachar Fater: Jewish Polish music between the two World Wars..

(4) Due to the great interest in this SIG, I wish to start, for the
benfit of all an Email Exchange Group I need volunteer(s) to be the
moderators of the list. Previous experience in moderating similar SIGS
is requested.

Thank you in advance.

Khag Chanuka Sameach,

Ada Holtzman
Coordinator SIG Polin
Israel Genealogical Society

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