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Dennis Gries <dgries@...>

The following posting was made yesterday:
I need a cemetery look up for the following three people. Burials could
have taken place in Maryland, Delaware, Penna. New Jersey or New York,
I think.

Sara Buchholtz, born about 1843, came to the USA in 1890, death unknown.
David Bernstein, born about 1889, came to the USA in 1890, death unknown.
Abraham Mandelkern, born Nov. 3, 1896, in Phila. Penna., death unknown.
I have done many lookups for many people who have posted on this board
(and have often gone back to the poster for clairfying and expanding
information). So, I will take this opportunity to comment that for any
of us to try to help the poster, there must be much more information.
The poster fails to indicate where the persons were last observed in a
census, city directory, marriage record, or any other means.

Presumably, there are immigration records of the first two. At what port?
New York, Philadelphia, etc. For Abraham, there should have been a census

Also, judging by the poster's choice of email name, I believe he lives in
New Jersey. Well, the archives and resources of all 5 states are within a
few hours drive. Sorry if this appears like a "flame" but there is no
substitute for personal effort including use of FYI resources on this site,
Rootsweb, and other sites. We have traveled to Ontario, New York, Delaware,
Maryland, and DC as part of our quest.

Stephen, and any others, I will help you on specific lookups in the
Phila/Montg/Bucks Counties of PA.

dennis gries - fort washington, pa - raogk.rootsweb volunteer

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