Jewish cemeteries in NYC area #general

Lisa Dashman <ldashman@...>

Having solved another piece of my genealogy puzzle this morning, I want to
provide a helpful tip about Jewish cemeteries in the New York City area.
With the exception of Cypress Hills (Queens), which requires most requests
in writing, and Washington Cemetery (Brooklyn), which allows you to do
your own research with their older records books, I have found the Jewish
cemeteries' staffs to be unfailingly patient and helpful on the phone.

The major Jewish funeral homes provide a small pamphlet called "Funeral
Procession Directions to Cemeteries," which lists the names, phone
numbers, location and driving directions to 4 dozen Jewish cemeteries in
the New York City area. I made use of it this morning to locate the grave
of my ggf's first wife, who is not in the family plot and whose death
certificate is on a reel of microfilm that is missing >from the NYC
Archives. I knew the birth date of her youngest child and the date of my
ggf's second marriage, which narrowed her year of death to a 5-year
period. I was able to find out which cemeteries were in existence during
that part of the 19th century. Then it was a matter of phoning each one
-- and hoping. Sure enough, I located her in Salem Fields under one of
the 5 alternate spellings of my ggf's family name.

Wishing you successful puzzle-piece hunting,
Lisa Dashman

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