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A Yiddish word for medical assistant was felsher.
It is, like most of the Yiddish vocabulary, or German origin, but it
is in common use in Russian as well. Many feldshers, technicians
rather than physicians, came here during the initial large surge of
immigration >from the USSR about ten years ago, and had to
be retrained to fit into the Israeli economy.

For what it's worth "Czar's Army" is a bad translation of "Tzarskaya
Armiya"; "Tzarskaya" means "Imperial", and it's the Imperial Army,
just as "Tzarstvo" means "Empire". Nobody in the US speaks of the
President's Army; in the UK, it's the Royal Army, not "Queen's Army".

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ISMACH: >from Lomza Gubernia, Galicia, and Ukraina
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