Re: British Landsmannschaften #general


A supplement to Harvey Kaplan's message.
Raymond Kalman has researched Jewish Friendly Societies in
Britain and has published his findings in the Jewish History Review (of
the Jewish Historical Society of England). I regret I do not have the
reference to hand - but I am sure it was published within the last ten

Harold Pollins

<< In Scotland there were friendly societies, which provided a range
of welfare benefits for those paying a regular subscription. At one
time, c1920s, there were about 15 different societies in Glasgow alone.
One of these was the Odessa Lodge. My grandfather, >from Kamenets-Podolsk
in the Ukraine, was a member of this lodge. I reckon that there were no
landsmanshaften as such in Scotland, but that some of the friendly
societies filled the same role.
Harvey Kaplan
Glasgow >>

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