Re: Ethical Question, Found Date Discrepany on Cemetary Headstone #general

Hellfire <hellfire@...>

Dear Deborah,

This one really threw me too. I can see why it's so difficult to decide.

I asked my husband and my sons 8 and 10 (sometimes kids do know more than
we do:)) We discussed it for about 15 minutes at dinner and came to this
conclusion. If the stone can be fixed, for minimal cost, tell them, and
then tell them that you will take care of it. Otherwise let it be, while
they are living, and then change it, if you can afford to do so. In either
case, make sure the management of the cemetery knows that the discrepancy
exists so that they, at least, will give the correct information. Publish
the true dates for future generations.

Sheila and Allen Greenfield
Atlanta, GA

"Deborah L. Sterling" wrote:

While checking the information on a Declaration of Intention and then
looking at a photo I took myself of an ancestor's headstone,I've made the
deduction that the headstone is in error. (off by 3 years for year of
birth). Since the declaration is much earlier in time,
was filled out in front of the live relative,vs the headstone,and the age
adds up correctlyon the petition,I am fairly certain of this discrepancy.

Now, the question, do I tell the son and daughter of the deceased? They
are both elderly and I don't like upsetting them, but should they know
about this?
anyone else run into this situation??

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