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A supplement to Harvey Kaplan's message.
Raymond Kalman has researched Jewish Friendly Societies in
Britain and has published his findings in the Jewish History Review (of
the Jewish Historical Society of England). I regret I do not have the
reference to hand - but I am sure it was published within the last ten
The equivalent of landsmanshaften in the UK were Jewish friendly
societies which at one time had thousands of members. The passage of
time, the advent of the National Health Service in 1948 and, in
particular, increasing affluence, sounded their death knell. Raymond
Kalman has done much research on them, but there is also a lot of
information on them in "A History of the Jews in Britain since 1858" by
Consult also Jewish Year Books of the first fifty years or so of the
last century which list the different movements and their constituent
lodges and personel. One of the movements - the Grand Order of Israel
and Shield of David - still has six lodges currently operating.

Murray Freedman

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