SIG meeting at IAJGS conference #austria-czech

Sharla Levine <austriaczech@...>

At the annual meeting of the Austria-Czech SIG, held at the IAJGS conference
in New York, we had approximately 30 members in attendance. The primary
topic of discussion was getting volunteers, so that more projects can be
undertaken. Vivian Kahn, Vice President of JewishGen, Liaison to SIGs,
outlined the structure of the organization and explained the functions of
some of the volunteer positions. Numerous members suggested projects they
would like to see the SIG do, and a few people volunteered for SIG or project
leadership positions.

The simplified explanation of the volunteer structure of the group is as
The SIG Coordinator oversees the entire SIG and represents us to JewishGen.
A Project Coordinator or Leader is in charge of a specific research project.
The Research Coordinator oversees all research projects and is the key
person to communicate with JewishGen staff regarding uploading information
to the JewishGen site.
Moderators read and approve messages to be posted to our discussion list,
according to JewishGen guidelines.
The Webmaster takes care of our SIG webpage. This job could be divided into
several components such as content, design, and HTML coding.

Here are the newest volunteers:
Randy Schoenberg will be the new SIG Coordinator.=20
Fritz Neubauer (Germany) will be our new Research Coordinator, with Sherry
Kisos (Israel) as assistant.
Vera Finberg will be the project leader for a new Yizkor Book project: the
Hugo Gold book on Bohemia.
We are still looking for additional volunteers to moderate our discussion
list and to work on the webpage.

I will be forwarding to Randy, Fritz, and Sherry a list of the other projects
suggested or in the works, and they will be seeking volunteers for those
projects. I will also provide them with the (disappointingly short) list of
people who previously contacted me to volunteer.

One potential project that may be available to us very soon (it is being
negotiated by JewishGen) is the indexing of the Vienna Jewish community
(IKG) records microfilmed by the Family History Library. This will be a very
large project requiring many volunteers, but it will be of immeasurable
value to Jewish genealogists.

Those who attended the conference really seemed to appreciate the presentations
related to our geographic area, and I encourage them to report to the list
about those sessions, so that everyone can learn >from one another.

Sharla Levine
Austria-Czech SIG Coordinator (retiring)

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