Plashet Cemetery, London #general

Miriam Margolyes <75342.3217@...>

A huge Jewish cemetery in the East End of London is
Plashet Cemetery, covering families who died in
Ilford, East Ham, Whitechapel, Dulwich, etc.
Actually, I think it's technically in the county of Essex.

It's not "manned" but the details are kept by
United Synagogue Ilford Burial Society,
+44 208 518 2868.

There is also a FAX: +44 208 451 0478.

The lady I spoke to was extremely pleasant:
to get information, someone has to visit the
Cemetery: it's open M-F & Sunday: 9-4pm.

Closes an hour earlier in the Winter.

I don't know if the Index of graves is on-line, but
that would be a terrifically useful undertaking for
those of us with UK family.

Santa Monica

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