Weissmark/Waismark Family/Argentina #general

Joelle van den Berg-Lewkowicz <joellevandenberg@...>

Happy New Year to all!!

Is there anyone living in the Buenos Aires, Argentina area who can help
me locate a relative?

I am trying to contact a cousin in Argentina. Her name in Hebrew is

We think it is Juanita in Spanish. Her unmarried name was Weissmark or
Waismark. Her married name is Manosevitz. That could also be Manosewitz
or Manosevicz or another small variation of the same name. She is an
attorney-at-law and as far as we know lives in the Buenos Aires area.
Anything, an address, a phone number or email address would be helpful.

Thank you for your help.

Joelle Lewkowicz van den Berg
kring van Dorth, Netherlands

(if you find her tell her my grandmother Lea was her father Nathan's

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