Re: help! the name Zaltzah??? #general

Judith Romney Wegner

I have a picture of an individual who I believe is a woman -
surprisingly, it is really had to determine the gender. On the back is the
name (in Yiddish) that I read out to be Zaltzah.
from first letter to last, it is spelled: zion, ayin, lamed, tzaddik, ayin.
The tzaddik looks exactly like "3". (If it were a daled, I would read it
as Zalda - perhaps Zelda).. But lets say it IS a tzaddik and the name is

Many people (including myself) write a dalet that looks quite similar to
the number 3 in cursive script (the script normally used in writing
Yiddish) so I don't think you should dismiss your own thought that it
might actually be Zelda after all, Unless of course, her name was Elka
Zaltzah.... (:-)


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