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My mom, Lena MINTZER (married name Bonder) was born in
Strzeliska Nowe, district Bobrka, Province Lwow in Poland.
When I research further do I research in the Ukraine or in Poland.
Her date of birth was 1902. Passenger Manifest List shows she
lived in Stebikaruf, Poland.
Are Strzeliska and Stebikaruf one and the same? If so, Ukraine or Poland?
I am unable to answer the last question and will leave it up to the
experts on Galicia towns to respond. However, I am pleased to be
able to provide information about the holdings of vital records in
Polish repositories for Strzeliska Nowe (former name when it was
in Poland), now known as Novyye Strelishcha, Ukraine

Vital record registers with he following records are stored in the
AGAD Archives Branch of the Polish State Archives and will be
indexed by Jewish Records Indexing - Poland:

Births: 1877-1879, 1890-1894
Deaths: Nil
Marriages: 1877-1893

Note that these years are taken >from the official inventory made by
AGAD and do not correspond to what was published in Miriam Weiner's
Jewish Roots in Poland.

For details of the AGAD Archives indexing project, please refer to the
JRI-Poland web site and click on AGAD Archives on the home page.

Novyye Strelishcha records >from the 1890's and the 20th century (up to
the early part of WW II) are town up to stored at the Warsaw Urzad
Stanu Cywilnego (Civil Records Office). Research requests should be
directed to that office.

Jewish Records Indexing - Poland, Inc. is an independent
non-profit U.S. tax-exempt organization and is hosted by JewishGen.

Stanley Diamond
Project Coordinator, Jewish Records Indexing - Poland

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