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To JewishGenners:

Yizkor Book Update, December 2000 and Year 2000

As we enter 2001, it is the time to reflect on the accomplishments
of the Yizkor Book Project for the year, and they are considerable,
because of all the people who translated and donated material to us
and because of the dedicated volunteers of the html group under John

We now have 255 entries and there were updates to 122 books during
the year. They are available at

One of our notable achievements was announced last week -- the
Necrology Index at
This project was implemented by Ernie Fine, project manager, and
his talented volunteers; Michael Tobias, the JewishGen database guru;
Warren Blatt, who coordinated the myriad of technical details to get
the index online; and John Berman, who worked on the yizkor book
database. Another remarkable achievement, although invisible, is
the tune up that Michael Tobias has done on the yizkor book database.
Complex projects such as the necrology index are always a team effort
and we are indeed fortunate to have talented people working on these

New Entries for December 2000

-Galician Jewish Celebrities (check under Regions)
-Borislav, Ukraine
-Gorodek Jagiellonski, Ukraine
-Kobylnik, Belarus
-Wysockie-Mazowieckie, Poland
-Zareby Koscielne, Poland

Updates for December 2000

-Gorodets, Belarus
-Oswiecim, Poland
-Pochayev, Ukraine
-Pushelat, Lithuania
-Rokiskis, Lithuania
-Rozniatow, Ukraine
-Stawiski, Poland
-Tarnobrzeg, Poland

The list of yizkor book fundraising projects keeps growing.
Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to one or more
of these projects at

Bolekhov, Ukraine
Brzeziny, Poland
Buchach, Ukraine
Chelm, Poland
Czyzew, Poland
Dokshitsy, Belarus
Drogichin, Belarus
Gargzdai, Lithuania
Goniadz, Poland
Gorodenka, Ukraine
Gorodok, Ukraine
Grodno, Belarus
Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
Kremenets, Ukraine
Krynki, Poland
Lancut, Poland
Maramures Region
Przemysl, Poland
Pulawy, Poland
Rozhnyatov, Ukraine
Rzeszow, Poland
Slutsk, Belarus
Sochaczew, Poland
Stawiski, Poland
Telekhany, Belarus
Wolbrom, Poland
Yedintsy, Moldova
Zgierz, Poland

We now are looking forward to another busy year.
Our queue is long but we are always accepting new translations.
Please be sure to check our web site at for new and
updated entries.

Joyce Field
Yizkor Book Project Manager

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