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Bruce Reisch <bir1@...>

Dear Vicki:

Rabbi Israel Friedmann of Ruzhin, Russia, was the patriarch of a the
Ruzhiner, later Sadagorer, dynasty of Hasidic Rabbis. He moved to
Sadagora, Austria (now Sadgura, Ukraine) in the mid 1800s. Look for
links to the info on the Ruzhiner rebbe at the Sadgura ShtetLinks

See also the historical account:

and the scholarly work by Dr. Assaf of Tel Aviv:

Today, the Friedmann rabbis still lead the Sadagora Hasidim in
Israel, London, and elsewhere.

Bruce Reisch
Geneva, NY

Subject: Rabbinical FRIEDMANs
Date: Tue, 2 Jan 2001 21:51:24 -0500

Does anyone have any information about FRIEDMANs who were Rabbis?

Vicki Ina Friedman
Acworth, GA, USA

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