Re: Immigration to USA through Canada #general

David Cooper <dcooper@...>

It is my understanding that the "index cards" are the Soundex index to
the St. Albans records. Each card represents a "Passenger Manifest"
entry similar to that used for ships. I have recently requested a copy
of the Manifest >from one of the index cards; but, it has not yet arrived.



The immigrant records of those entering Canada are in the
Canadian Archives in Ottawa and the U.S. records of those who
crossed >from Canada are in the National Archives in Washington
with copies at different branches. I believe the N.Y.C branch of
the National Archives also has copies of those records on microfilm.
The records of those who crossed >from Canada where often kept on 3x5
cards and that is the format you will see them in when you review the
microfilm. The hand writing can be 'challenging'.

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