Re: Mogilev and the Chernobyl Disaster #belarus


The current issue of Jerusalem Report (dated Januray 1, 2001) has
an article entitled ILL WINDS on page 34, about the effects of the
Chernobyl nuclear disaster on Mogilev, Belarus, and particularly
on the small Jewish community left in Mogilev. It also mentions
Gomel where more than 1/3 of children aged 4 or younger at the
time of the blast are likely to develop thyroid cancer.

Adar Belinkoff
Claremont, CA

BELINKOFF >from Gomel, Israel, Youngstown and Los Angeles; CHARNAK >from
Gomel, Ukraine, Youngstown and Philadelphia; MAGIDSON >from Gomel,
Youngstown and New York; KLEINERT or Klein >from Gomel(?); PINTCHUK >from
Tomaszov Mazieowecki, Youngstown & Cleveland; NUMBERG >from Lomza and
Chicago; GOLDER (GOLDFARB) >from Ostrolenka and Chicago.

This was a tough one!
It could be considered off-topic.
-- on the other hand as some of us might have (yet unknown!?)
relatives in the Jewish Community there, it could also be
considered topical....
So I ask those you concur with the first opinion:
Please bear over with me.

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