Re: online phone book #belarus


I have already answered Adam's question privately, but
now see that others are interested in it as well. So,
to mail something to Russia one does not HAVE to put the
postal code on the letter. Don't get me wrong, it will
certainly help if you have one, but should you not have
it available, the letter will still get there. Absence
of the code will only cause a marginal delay in the
delivery time. The postal codes are of less importance
in Russia than the Zip codes here in the States mostly
because it's much harder to differentiate between
various towns in the US, as there are way too many with
the same names. It is not that much of a problem in
Russia, unless you are dealing with mailing something to
small villages. In this particular case be not afraid-
there is one Moscow and one St. Petersburg, so the
letter will get to your addressees.

hope it helps

Roman Vilner
Brooklyn, NY

Arlene Falkin wrote:
I am eager to find the postal codes for both St. Petersburg
and Moscow. I researched the postal codes on the internet and I
found that as the Russian Federation is still organizing its
infrastructure there is not much information available (via the
web, the United Nations, or the US Postal Service).
If anyone does locate the current postal codes for the Russian Federation
please share them.

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